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Arthritis (inflammation of the joints) with brucellosis is multiple, that is, several joints throughout the body are simultaneously affected at once (at first, small joints of the hands and feet, then larger ones). Arthritis occurs when Brucella penetrates into the articular cavities and damages intra-articular structures (synovium, articular surfaces of cartilage, and so on). Arthritis is manifested by severe pain and limited mobility in the affected joints, resulting from the progression of the inflammatory process.

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The skin over the affected joint may be edematous, swollen, hyperemic (red) and very painful when touched or when moving. Periarthritis. Periarthritis is characterized by inflammation of the periarticular components (joint capsule, periarticular ligaments, and so on), which is clinically manifested by pain and impaired mobility in the joint (more pronounced than with simple arthritis). Bursitis. Bursitis is an inflammation of the synovial membrane that lines the inside of the joint cavity.

This term refers to the inflammation of the inner lining of atenolol pills sheaths of the muscle tendons, which is usually observed in the area of ??the hands and feet.


Under normal conditions, the synovial membrane produces a certain amount of synovial fluid, which nourishes the articular cartilage and facilitates their sliding against each other during movements. With bursitis, the amount of fluid formed increases significantly. As a result, it accumulates in the joint cavity, causing an increase in intra-articular pressure, impaired mobility and pain.

Under normal conditions, these sheaths surround the tendons, allowing them to glide freely during muscle contraction (thiso is carried out due to the presence of synovial fluid in them).


With the development of tendovaginitis, the walls of the vagina thicken, and the amount of fluid produced increases, which leads to compression of the tendons and pain. Periostitis. Periostitis is called inflammation of the periosteum - the outer shell of tenormin online, which is responsible for the protection and renewal of bone tissue. Fibrosites. Fibrositis is an inflammation of the fascial membranes surrounding the muscles. At first, this can be manifested by mild soreness in the muscle area, and then dense nodules form at the site of soreness, which are easily displaced under the skin.

Brucellosis is characterized by damage to both the respiratory tract and the lung tissue itself.


When brucellosis can develop: Catarrhal angina. Angina is the inflammation of the palatine tonsils (tonsils). The tonsils are made up of a collection of immune system cells (lymphocytes) that are among the first to come into contact with infectious agents that enter through the upper respiratory tract. And since brucellosis increases generic tenormin of the entire immune system, the tonsils react to the introduction of Brucella especially intensively. Angina with brucellosis is characterized by the development of a non-purulent inflammatory process, which is manifested by perspiration and sore throat, aggravated during speech and swallowing.